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Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens

Nos hivers sont vos étés

We finally settled back in Réunion Island for a few years. Sad to live this far from our families and happy to find our friends again. My new affiliation is … Lire la suite

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French research meets Kafka

Mediapart publishes a very good analysis of the dramatic situation of French scientific research by P. Lemaire (CNSR, Sciences en Marche). The be read there, in French though.    

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This year, I have obtained my HDR « Habilitation à diriger des rechercher ». Officially, this is a diploma certifying that I have some ability to supervise students. But beyond this, it … Lire la suite

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Worrying for French junior researchers

French newspaper « Le Monde » has published a text written by the scientific comittee of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) about the very worrying situation of employment in public … Lire la suite

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After along journey, salmons eventually reach their goal

The work I initiated 8 years ago on the population genetics of salmon populations from the Adour catchment is being accepted for publication in Conservation genetics. Many thanks to Jean-Claude … Lire la suite

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New paper: a plant pathogen in its native area

Happy to annouce that my first paper with the marvellous Xanteam (Reunion Island) is accepted for publication. The paper is by: C.Vernière, Lan Bui Thi Ngoc, Philippe Jarne, Virginie Ravigné, … Lire la suite

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Post-doc position available

Modelling the population genetics of invasive species We seek to hire a post-doctoral research associate for a Grand Federative Project funded by the French Agropolis Fondation called BIOFIS “Bioagressors and … Lire la suite

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